Ranking the Cafes near your Riverside Apartments

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Your favorite community of Riverside apartments is back with another blog post, and we’re glad to see that you’ve returned for our second post as well! This week, we’re talking about the top-ranked cafes, coffee shops and breakfast spots in the East Riverside neighborhood. Some of these places are known for making the perfect cup of joe, while others are better known for their snacks. Either way, we think you should check these places out next time you get that craving for caffeine and fresh-baked pastries.


The nice thing about going to a cafe in Austin is almost all of them have both indoor and outdoor seating options. Most people like to spend dreary, rainy days in cafes. We, on the other hand, believe in setting up your laptop at a picnic table on a sunny day and diving into your work. Whichever situation you prefer, make sure you’re sipping the best coffee while you work by trying the top-rated cafes on the list below! When you’re done reading this post, please be sure to share the link to this page with your friends and neighbors at your community of East Riverside apartments.




The best Austin coffee shops are the quirkiest Austin coffee shops, and that’s a good way to describe this East Austin gem. Not only is this coffee trailer tucked away in a quiet neighborhood, but the trailer has a cool campy look that’s ideal for Instagrams. Flitch has limited indoor seating, but an expansive outdoor area that you can enjoy on the next sunny Austin afternoon.


This is a great coffee shop for dogs, and you’ll probably see the owner’s pup hanging out on the grounds outside the shop. As for the coffee itself, we recommend the cold brew and the cortado — both will wake you right up!  


The Buzz Mill


Of all the coffee shops on this list, The Buzz Mill has the most convenient location. Located down near Town Lake, this coffee shop is really a tale of two cafes. The inside is dark, quiet and perfect for rainy days. The outdoor area is bright and filled with sunflowers, making it perfect for those hot Texas summer days. A lot of Yelp reviewers have said that this place has the feel of an old western saloon, and after hearing that description, how can you not visit The Buzz Mill?


Cafe Creme


This is a super relaxed coffee shop that serves a great cup of joe, but the stars of the show at Cafe Creme are the crepes. You can get a savory crepe with artichokes, spinach, mushrooms and cheese, or a sweet crepe with walnuts, apples and honey. Both crepes are phenomenal, and they pair perfectly with the hot coffee drinks at Cafe Creme. If you go to this coffee shop with someone who doesn’t drink caffeine, we highly recommend telling them to order the awesome hot chocolate at Cafe Creme!


Those are all the cafe suggestions we’ve got for you this week, residents! We those of you that took some time out of your busy schedule to read the latest post from Connection ATX, and we hope you get the chance to visit the cafes on this list sometime soon! We’ll be back soon with more blog posts for y’all, so please be sure to bookmark this page so you can easily check it again when the next post goes live on the site. Until then, go ahead and follow Connection ATX on social media so you can stay up to date with all the events, promotions and giveaways happening at your community of Riverside Austin apartments.

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